Your Signage Team

Mark Anderson

Sales and Project Manager

At the age of 16, Mark began his apprenticeship in manufacturing. He has worked across several industries and has developed a knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of production – as well as what’s possible – with experience that’s difficult to match. This strong skill set is coupled with a mindset that is process-oriented.

“I like to have everything lined up, running smoothly, boxes ticked,” he says. And it is this meticulous attention to detail that clients have come to rely on. “I get excited when new projects come in,” he says, “but my greatest sense of satisfaction comes from the end – a job done well and a happy client.”

Sharen Dhillon

Business Owner

With a background in business analytics, Sharen’s passion is the operational side of Signs by Cooper. She’s the backbone of the company, working behind the scenes to make sure that everything continually functions well, so that the remainder of the team are free to focus on their own specialist areas of expertise.

Aside from running the business, overseeing marketing and attending to the day-to-day management of operations, Sharen explains her role as: “Primarily focused on managing resources, so the team has everything they need to deliver the best quality to clients, on time, every time.”

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Our Experienced Team

The rest of our multi-skilled team works behind the scenes in the areas of print production, machine operation and fabrication.

With more than 28 years of collective experience in the sign manufacturing industry, the team has the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure that you receive a high quality product delivered on time, every time.

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Our expertise

At Signed by Cooper, we’ve been manufacturing bespoke corporate signage for 30 years. Having made thousands of signs and witnessed at least a dozen trends come and go, we can confidently say we know our craft. And we are experts in bringing your designs to life.

But don’t take our word for it, take our clients’ word for it.

We are small enough to have meaningful, personalised relationships with all our clients, but big enough to cater to all our clients’ large sale needs. Our experienced team members are experts in large scale corporate contracts with a nationwide roll out. We love to see a smile on your face, and we work hard and smart to get it – creating a signage display that you can feel smug about.

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Our experience

Signed by Cooper boasts a skilled team of managers, sign fabricators, graphic designers and trained installers.

We measure, design, manufacture and install. With a combination of creativity, skill and cutting edge technology we make signage that superbly represents your company’s brand and individuality.

To get any project off the ground, communication is essential. Our project manager is very well versed in liaising with clients, architects, project managers and builders.

We’ve worked with some of Australia’s most notable corporate companies. And our long history is testament to our efficient process and work ethic.

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Customer service

We’re into commitment, loyalty and longevity. Once you work with us, you’ll see we’re with you for the long haul.

Always responsive, we’re here to answer your call. So much so, we don’t even own an answering machine.

We’re great believers in the philosophy that good communication gets half the job done. We want to thoroughly understand your signage ambitions and take great care in the initial stages to get on board.

Your deadlines are important to us just as much as they are important to you.

You can rely on us if circumstances or requirements change. We respond with agility and always deliver on time. And we work passionately to achieve the highest standard signage on every single one of your projects.

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It’s one thing to own the finest machinery, and another to utilise it to its full potential. And since we don’t cut corners with the people we hire, we have expert tradies who make magic happen.

Production, attention to detail and quality control are overseen throughout our process. And the results speak for themselves.

Rest assured we only use the best materials possible, taking durability, energy saving and longevity into consideration. Every aspect of our process involves a healthy dose of inspection and scrutiny.

Consistency of quality is a major part of our ethos. And because we understand the importance of branding, we’re tenacious when it comes to details and finishes. And know that every aspect – down to perfect colouring, image definition, lighting and fitting – is the make or break of a signage solution.

We live for the final product, and we feel tremendously satisfied upon seeing our signage solutions decorating the buildings, walls and streets of Australia.

To speak to one of our experienced team members on how we can come up with a tailor made signage solution for your business, contact us today.

Corporate Signage Case Studies

Westpac Group - St George Bank

Signed by Cooper is the exclusive manufacturer for all St. George branch signage. We have complete end-to-end control of signage creation, production and installation to ensure nationwide brand consistency.

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“Signed by Cooper is one of the best signage manufacturers I’ve ever come across, unparalleled with their attention to their clients.” The Executive Manager of Design and Innovation for Westpac Group

Hornsby Council

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we helped Hornsby Council navigate the huge responsibility of ensuring public safety.

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“The quality was excellent and Signed by Cooper were very flexible and able to meet our requirements quite exactly and specifically – very collaborative,” Scott - Hornsby Council Risk and Audit Manager

Dixon & Swanson

We work with Dixon & Swanson on the signage component of their shopfitting projects. They rely on us for our expertise in large scale signage solutions.

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“Signed by Cooper's knowledge and experience make the process quite easy and comfortable; pricing is where it should be, and their service is terrific. Everything feels at ease.” Chris - CEO of Dixon & Swanson

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