Full Service Corporate Signage Solutions

Pylon & Monolith

Pylon and monolith, also known as totem signs, are tall standing vertical structures that we can build to almost any height and shape for outdoor signage.

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Awnings & Shopfronts

Not all signs are created equal. Shopfronts and awning signs are probably the most important of all, just because they’re the first physical point of contact a client has with your brand. And, along a busy street front, you’re vying for competition.

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Wall Panels

Depending on the material you choose, these wall panels can be created for indoors or outdoors, and the options are endless. Ask us about entrance walls, feature walls, reception desk panelling, as well as walls for meeting spaces, client entertainment spaces… and more.

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Directional & Information Signage

Whether in words, arrows or Braille, information and directional signage are smart choices for any business because they help your customers find you easily and effortlessly. If it’s the first time they’ve needed to locate you, then information and directional signage, when done well, enhance their customer experience with you from the get-go.

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Internal Wall Signage

You can use internal wall signage for storytelling, to sell a product or highlight a promotion, or to simply brighten your space. Signed by Cooper can produce graphics, decals, vinyl lettering, wallpaper and large format prints for your office. Add light and brightness to your walls with illumination or neon tubing.

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Neon Signage

Neon signage is made from highly malleable coloured tubing, which we can custom mould into virtually any shape, letter, slogan, hashtag or image you like. They’re incredibly versatile and suit almost any space.

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Illuminated Signage

With LED illuminated signage you can set the tone that suits your brand: fun and vibrant, prestigious, or established and trustworthy. Illumination, combined with typeface and font style, is a powerful tool for your business for both internal or external use.

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CNC Cut Lettering

CNC (computer numerical control) is essentially a cutting tool that is controlled by a computer. It is the go-to tool for consistency, speed and flexibility. CNC cut lettering is used to cut material such as wood, PVC, acrylic, aluminium or brass.

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3D Fabricated Lettering

There is no such thing as one size fits all for us. At Signed by Cooper, we create bespoke 3D fabricated lettering for your exact signage needs. We have an eye for detail and the best tradespeople and equipment available to create corporate signage that really stands out.

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Vinyl Signs & Banners

Vinyl signage is an ideal portable solution that’s lightweight and can be stuck or hung virtually anywhere, meaning that you can literally ‘pack a punch’, and take one anywhere you go. Large vinyl banners, for example, are great for quick set up for events, trade shows or street hanging product promotion. Also use it for internal wall art, as shop front signage or for directional signage.

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Large Format Digital Print

At Signed by Cooper, we can print on demand variable image/text files simultaneously. This is a great option for large scale jobs that need multiple prints fast. The reproduction quality, even on a large scale, is incredible. Say goodbye to poor, blurry, grainy images forever, and talk to us about your digital print signage needs.

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Special Sprayed Finishes

Sprayed signage produces a rich colour that seamlessly covers any sign, lettering, banner, booth or other. And not to worry, we know our stuff and perfectly colour match your brand with ACMs, Pantone, Dulux and other colours.

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Corporate Signage Case Studies

Westpac Group - St George Bank

Signed by Cooper is the exclusive manufacturer for all St. George branch signage. We have complete end-to-end control of signage creation, production and installation to ensure nationwide brand consistency.

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“Signed by Cooper is one of the best signage manufacturers I’ve ever come across, unparalleled with their attention to their clients.” The Executive Manager of Design and Innovation for Westpac Group

Hornsby Council

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we helped Hornsby Council navigate the huge responsibility of ensuring public safety.

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“The quality was excellent and Signed by Cooper were very flexible and able to meet our requirements quite exactly and specifically – very collaborative,” Scott - Hornsby Council Risk and Audit Manager

Dixon & Swanson

We work with Dixon & Swanson on the signage component of their shopfitting projects. They rely on us for our expertise in large scale signage solutions.

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“Signed by Cooper's knowledge and experience make the process quite easy and comfortable; pricing is where it should be, and their service is terrific. Everything feels at ease.” Chris - CEO of Dixon & Swanson

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