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Don’t just say it... display it!

Internal wall signage is the fastest way to convey your brand’s ethos and style. It immediately sets the tone for your space, creating a welcoming environment for both employees and customers.

You can use wall signage for storytelling, to sell a product or highlight a promotion, or to simply brighten your space. We can produce graphics, decals, vinyl lettering, wallpaper and large format prints for your office. Add light and brightness to your walls with illumination or neon tubing.

For example, cover one entire wall in your logo, and have embedded LED lit letters conveying the company message on another. To be honest, the options are endless for corporate signage and don’t even have to be limited by your space, because we have the creative brainpower to work within any constraints.

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Your brand matters

Are you making the right impression? As the first point of contact with your business, your signage needs to make the right impression. And it is important to create impactful, attention grabbing wall art that not only showcases your brand and your company values but also contributes to the atmosphere, making it warm and welcoming for visitors and employees.

As a full service corporate signage company, we take control of the entire process of creating and making your signage. This means you can trust us to work with your exact design specifications and to make to measure.

We match colours and message exactly to your brand specifications. We manufacture in Australia and guarantee a perfect finish, delivered on time, every time.

Samsung signage inside a mall

Material and manufacture options

  • Wall signage can be illuminated, neon or LED lit.
  • Lettering can be embedded LED illuminated letters, printed adhesive vinyl, 3D cut or standalone lettering.
  • Signage can be stuck on or hung from the wall and ceiling.
  • Materials: ACM (aluminium composite material), wood, paper, vinyl.

Whichever option you choose, rest assured our signs are included in our guarantee.

See how we work with our process. To discuss all our corporate signage solutions, feel free to contact us.

Read what our clients shared about us in our Case Studies.

Corporate Signage Case Studies

Westpac Group - St George Bank

Signed by Cooper is the exclusive manufacturer for all St. George branch signage. We have complete end-to-end control of signage creation, production and installation to ensure nationwide brand consistency.

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“Signed by Cooper is one of the best signage manufacturers I’ve ever come across, unparalleled with their attention to their clients.” The Executive Manager of Design and Innovation for Westpac Group

Hornsby Council

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we helped Hornsby Council navigate the huge responsibility of ensuring public safety.

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“The quality was excellent and Signed by Cooper were very flexible and able to meet our requirements quite exactly and specifically – very collaborative,” Scott - Hornsby Council Risk and Audit Manager

Dixon & Swanson

We work with Dixon & Swanson on the signage component of their shopfitting projects. They rely on us for our expertise in large scale signage solutions.

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“Signed by Cooper's knowledge and experience make the process quite easy and comfortable; pricing is where it should be, and their service is terrific. Everything feels at ease.” Chris - CEO of Dixon & Swanson

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